Awesome Window Cleaning Finishing Touches

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Awesome Window Cleaning Finishig Touches<= Click on this link to see the video! By finishing touches, we always check for streaks, or what another window cleaner I knew called “chicken wings” which is after you clean the window, and go on to the next, some water drips though the frame from the window you just cleaned above, and leaves a “chicken wing” pattern of five or six small drips together that looks like a “chicken wing”!         We clean the windows of a lot of shops, restaurants, and small businesses in Midtown Sacramento, plus some on Folsom Blvd all the way up to Rancho Cordova, and we also clean the windows on two story office buildings, and large residential in the Sacramento area. Call 916-743-7001 today because we are booking appointments to provide sparkling clean windows \for entertaining  their guests for the holidays!


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