Cleaning the Outside Windows of a Restaurant Using 0000 Steel Wool

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  1. Administrator said,

    January 7, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    I have been using 0000 steel wool for years on glass windows that have not been cleaned for a few months, and usually there is a tough residue on the windows that regular scrubbing with a micro fibre brush and Dawn dish detergent, which is probably what most professional window cleaners use, which is non-toxic, and when there is an oil spill in the ocean, that is what they use to wash seagulls with, and millions of people eat food off of plates every day that were washed with Dawn Dish Detergent, plus I heard if you spray Dawn dish water on plants, it cleans the carbon monoxide out of their pores! Now we com to 0000 Steel wool, which is the finest steel wool you can get at the hardware store! I usually unroll it, and wet it in my Dawn dish water in my bucket, (about a half a teespoon of Dawn in a gallon of water will do the trick, and I place the 0000 steel wool on one side of my window scrubbing brush, and after going over the window the first time with the regular brush, then the second time I go over it with the 000 steel wool, and this will remove most of any tough residue clinging to the glass! This is important, because if there is still residue on the glass after it has been scrubbed and then squeegeed, the residue with attract dirt and the windows will get dirty quicker! So by using the 0000 steel wool, the windows become cleaner, and stay clean longer! Only BE CAREFULL! DO NOT USE 0000 STEEL WOOL ON PLEXIGLASS, BECAUSE IT WILL SCRATCH PLEXIGLASS! ALWAYS CHECK THE WINDOW FIRST! ALSO, A LOT OF WINDOWS HAVE A PLASTIC FILM ON THEM! DO NOT USE 0000 STEEL WOOL ON WINDOWS THAT HAVE A PLASTIC FILM ON THEM! IT WILL SCRATCH THEM,TOO! There is a lot to learn about being a window cleaning technichian, but remember, what ever you do, attitude is everything! Our Policy here at Awesome Window Cleaning is to hire the Smile, and then train them to be a window cleaning Technician!

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