Cleaning Windows with Pure Filtered Water Using Electric Pump Sprayer

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  1. Administrator said,

    January 7, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    I bought a 4 gallon electric pump sprayer on ebay which I converted to an electric pump sprayer for my pure water fed system. The water I filtered through an Unger de-ionizing water filter, which removes all the Total Dissolved Solids (called TDS in Techichian talk), also called “Pure Water” or in medical terms “hungry water”, because it attracts the dirt on the windows which is loosened by the pure water fed brush and then is rinsed off the windows with pure water, leaving them to dry spotless, according to Keith Kalfas, who is a major window cleaning consultant! If you would like to Google his name, he has tons of really good information concerning most aspects of window cleaning, and landscaping on Youtube, from the technical part of it, to marketing and all aspects of business! He is constantly in the front lines of keeping up with the latest technology, and has many associates in the window cleaning, landscaping, and all other related industries.

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