Cleaning 2nd Story Roof Gutters in Sacramento

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Cleaning Top Of Glass Pyramid With Pure Water Fed Pole

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Cleaning Windows on Roof with Pump Sprayer and Steel Wool

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Using a Pump Sprayer to Wet Down Windows for Cleaning

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Cleaning Glass Pyramid in Midtown Sacramento

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Cleaning Upstairs Windows In Midtown Sacramento

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American River Walk

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Awesome Window Cleaning 2015

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Awesome Window Cleaning 2015  <=Click here to  see the video! As 2015 draws to a close, we are looking forward to delighting our customers in 2016 as we are focusing on what our customers want and need as to their growing awareness that in real estate language “The R.O.I. (Return On Investment) for Curb Appeal (How the house looks) for Getting the Windows Cleaned!  is 676%!!!!!! (If you don’t believe me, just Google it!)   Which is the most bang for your buck to upgrade the appearance of a house that is going up for sale in the real estate market! Attention all Realtors! We have cleaned the windows for several different realtors in the Sacramento area, among which is for Bettter Homes and Gardens Realtors here in Sacramento, and one agent in particular told us she had sold the house within two weeks of us cleaning the windows, and I’m sure there are many others with similar stories, but besides all that, even if you are not selling your house, but want to entertain guests for the the holidays, or even to provide a more pleasant environment for your family, the natural light would be more beautiful! Also, of course, this benefit would also be for commercial windows!



Awesome Window Cleaning Finishing Touches

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Awesome Window Cleaning Finishig Touches<= Click on this link to see the video! By finishing touches, we always check for streaks, or what another window cleaner I knew called “chicken wings” which is after you clean the window, and go on to the next, some water drips though the frame from the window you just cleaned above, and leaves a “chicken wing” pattern of five or six small drips together that looks like a “chicken wing”!         We clean the windows of a lot of shops, restaurants, and small businesses in Midtown Sacramento, plus some on Folsom Blvd all the way up to Rancho Cordova, and we also clean the windows on two story office buildings, and large residential in the Sacramento area. Call 916-743-7001 today because we are booking appointments to provide sparkling clean windows \for entertaining  their guests for the holidays!



Awesome Window Cleaning Again

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Awesome Window Cleaning Again <=Click this link to see the video!


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